Reynolds 29 Trail BL ASYM 15/142 28/28H - Shimano

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The new 29 Trail wheels from Reynolds incorporate advanced wheel building principles to deliver the best overall wheel for fast singletrack riding.
The asymmetric carbon rim allows more even spoke tension for superior durability, while the 25 mm hookless channel provides added volume to enhance the ride and traction on the trail. The new Reynolds center lock hub serves up 3-degree engagement to ensure that acceleration is always lightning fast.

Product Details

  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Inflation: Tubeless
  • Axle Type: Bolt Through



Tubeless Set: 1664g*Width:
External: 30.00 mm , Internal: 25.00 mm
Rim Depth:
28.00 mm
28 Front / 28 Rear
Reynolds Hub by Industry Nine
Center Lock Rotor
* weights are estimates of the lightest possible configuration.